cache level 3 unit 8

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There are many different family structures in today’s society. The differing types of family structures can be beneficial for children as it is important for children to have families who they can depend on. Here is an image mentioning a few of these:

Within these family structures, there are different types of parenting; authoritarian, permissive, authoritative and uninvolved parenting (neglectful parenting).

The authoritarian parenting style would consist of strict rules with harsh punishments for breaking these rules. Children may not be given a choice or an explanation for the strict rules and if asked to explain, the parent may simply say “because I said so”. Parents have very high demands and expectations so children would associate obedience and success with love. In this type, the child is getting cared for but the parents are not lenient with the child, this could cause the child to become aggressive outside of the home.

Another type of parenting is permissive parenting. This involves the adult giving the child anything they want, when they want. This would not be very good for the child as it will have no sense of disobedience and the parent will not discipline their child. There would be no rules or boundaries set for the child meaning there would be very low expectations, this would not encourage the child to work hard. Permissive parents would be very loving and nurturing towards their children but may often take on the role of a friend rather than a parent. Children need discipline as much as they need nurturing so the child would have no consistency in their life.

The authoritative parent would reason with the child, they would have high expectations of the child but they would discipline in a fair and consistent manner. Children then know their boundaries and know what to expect from the rules that they have been given. Children who have an authoritative parent would be more independent and self assured than any other type of parenting. Children in this type of family would have good emotional control, social skills and will often be very confident in all aspects of life.

Another style of parenting is uninvolved/neglected parenting. The parents would make no demands towards their children which could probably result in children having to learn to provide for themselves at a very young age. Children may become emotionally withdrawn from the parents meaning that they will not be cared for in a way that will fulfil all their emotional, social, or physical needs.


There are many different organisations that can provide care for children. These can be in statutory, voluntary, private or independent setting. Statutory services are free of charge and the government is legally obliged to provide these services, for example, schools and the NHS. The school will help children by giving children the education that they need to grow and develop and be the best possible person that they can be. All children have the right to an education according to article 28 of the UNCRC.


Human Rights Act 1998 (Northern Ireland)

Special Educational Needs and Disability (Northern Ireland) Order 2005 (SENDO)

Children’s (Northern Ireland) Order 1995

Disability Discrimination (Northern Ireland) Order 2006

Education Order 2006


Teeth cleaning:
When a child brushes their teeth it helps them practice their hand-eye co-ordination by putting their brush onto their teeth and helps to improve their fine motor skills. Talking about the importance of brushing your teeth needs to be backed up by regular visits to the dentist, having a professionals opinion will make the child more eager to keep their teeth in good condition. When a child brushes their teeth themselves, it will promote independence and make the child feel proud that they are doing something for themselves. In my setting, the children would brush their...
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