Cache Level 3 Unit 8

Topics: Human skin color, Culture, Religion Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: October 3, 2012
P7.5| In my setting we have a range of different resources that promote positive images of children and reflects a diverse society for example we have different religion masks, different coloured babies, books that show positive images, we use a range of different languages, and always greet individual children in their home languages, each morning at registration time we introduce ‘hello’ in a new language. We have a range of clothing types in our role play corner, including clothes and jewellery from different cultures. We also celebrate cultural celebrations for example Diwali by decorating and cutting out our own lanterns to display around the setting. We try to involve families from different backgrounds into our activities and different festival celebrations, by finding out their views, beliefs and religions.| P7.6| We have a set of 8 masks in our school room, which is pre- school aged children 3-5 years,They are around 30 centimetres long and 20 wide, they have all different facial features including skin tone, eye colour, hair colour, nose and mouth size and shape. They are used to promote positive images to the children and show them that everybody is different and also to talk about what different types of background cultures are, and give them some examples so that they can start to understand why people look and believe they way they do.This is an az2activity that can be done at circle time for example with small ratios of adult to children. This will give each child a chance to talk and also encourage some of the quieter children to have a turn. You could introduce the activity by saying to the children that you are going to show them something very special and they have to listen to you very carefully so that they understand the real reason for you getting the masks out.| P7.7| When doing this activity i allowed myself to develop and get a greater understanding of different cultures, how important it is for me to reflect positively and to be...
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