Cache Level 3 Unit 3

Topics: Discrimination, Children's rights in the United Kingdom, Child Pages: 6 (2058 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Unit 3 assignment

Five peices of current legistlation are:
Children Act 1989
Equality Act 2006
Disability Discrimination Act 2010
Childcare Act 2006
Sex Discrimination Act 1975

As a result of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Children Act 1989 came into effect in 1991. The act attempted to ring together various peices of legislation. The act covers child protection, parental responsibility and inspection of settings. The act is known for its stance that childrens welfare is of paramount importance. The act made it clear that children and young peoples views should always be taken into consideration when their futute is concerned. From the Children Act 1989 there is a policy in place at my placement that requires all staff to pass on information which raises concern that a child may be at risk from non-accidental injury, neglect, emotional or sexual abuse. The Equality Act 2006 came into force in 2007. The act aims to establish the commision for equal and human rights. The act enforces equality legislation on afe, disability and health, gender, race, religion or belief and sexual status. The Disability Discrimination Act 2010 states that it would be illegal for a setting to not make reasonable ajustments to accomidate for thoose with a disability. The act covers all kinds of disabilitys from athma to mobility problems. In my placement there are ramps for wheelchair users and helpers for children who are deaf. The Childcare Act 2006 came into effect in 2008. The act provides a learning framework for children aged 0-5 called the Early Years Foundation Phase. The act also incorperates the welfare standards with witch all settings wich work with children under the age of 8 must comply. In my placement there is an adult to child ratio in rooms because of the Childcare Act 2006, also the TA’s need a level 3 to work with the children, The Sex Discrimination Act makes it illegal to discriminate gender. The act covers pay aswell as education. The act makes it illegal for practitioners to discriminate against boys or girls because of their sex. In my placement the men and women are payed equally.

Child Care and Education page 116/117

E5) In placement I believe it is very important to always empower children because it boots their confidence levels and its been proven that children with lots of confidence do better in later life than thoose with very little confidence. Positive self esteem helps childrens social and cognitive development. They key to empowering children is to give them pleanty of oppertunities to make their own choices this gives them lots of control. In my placement we empower children through play, the children initiate their own play. The practitioners supervise the play and if a child asks the [practitioner to join in then and only then do they play along. The children choose what game they want to play, for example building blocks then they choose where they want to take the blocks to play and who they want to share the game with. The children can choose to play outside or inside as long as they wear appropriete clothing. The children enjoy the freedom and responsibility of choosing their own games and groups. Child lead play gives children the oppertunitie to use their imagination and play any game they want to and take it in any direction they like. Children learn to take risks though child-lead play. A teqnique used at placement to empower children is through praise. Ways of giving praise are giving positive comments such as “well done” “brilliant”. Another way of giving praise is displaying the childrens work on a wall display, this gives the child a huge sence of achivement. Giving stickers and using reward charts is another way of praising children. At placement at the end of every day the teacher adds a lilly onto each childs lilly pad if she feels they have tried hard and worked well throughout the day. If a child does not recieve a...
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