Cache Level 3 Diploma in Home-Based Childcare

Topics: Human rights, The Child, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Pages: 37 (13325 words) Published: April 16, 2013
E1 Identify one piece of legislation, which that promotes children’s rights in your setting.

The legislation that I want to promote in my setting is the Children’s Act 2004. The focus of the Legislation is EVERY CHILD MATTERS.

In 2003, the government published a green paper called EVERY CHILD MATTERS. Alongside the formal response to the report into the death of Victoria Climbie. This case of child abuse is the most horrific case seen in this country. Victoria Climbie died in February 2000 with 128 separate injuries on her body after months of child abuse at the hands of her great aunt Marie Therese Kouao and her boyfriend Carl Manning. The eight year old came into contact with health, police and social services on several occasions, and also taken to hospital twice with injures. The green paper built on existing plans to strengthen preventive services by focusing on four key themes; * Increasing the focus on supporting families and carers. * Ensuring intervention takes place before children reach crisis point and protecting children from falling through the net. * Addressing the underlying problems identified in the report into the death of Victoria Climbe – weak accountability & poor integration. * Ensuring that the people working with children valued, rewarded & trained.

Children have rights which arise from the basic moral requirement of respect for persons, which underpin all human rights. “Children’s rights” is not a single concept but a catch-all expression for a range of moral and legal duties. “Every child Matters”

The Five outcomes are;
1. Be healthy
2. Stay safe
3. Enjoy and achieve
4. Make a positive contribution
5. Achieve economic well-being

E2 Describe the role of the practitioner in meeting the individual needs of all children.

I can adapt my practice to meet the children’s needs, age and abilities by careful planning for example a trip to the park, the two younger children travelling in a double buggy and older child on the buggy-board if they want to stand or walk if preferred. The walk to the park would take about a quarter of an hour and if the child wants to walk it would take a bit longer and I always plan for this, I also look for any possible risks while walking along the road and when I reach the park I do a risk assessment of the immediate area to look for things like broken glass or damaged play items. I warn the children of all possible dangers and if it wasn’t possible to play in the area I can adapt to the situation by always bringing along a ball for the children to enjoy throwing or kicking games and in the summer time I like to have a picnic’s and snacks.

I am very lucky to have Westernbirt Arboretum on my doorstep and I do use it regularly, there is an educational centre and from there you can watch the birds feeding and we try to identify the different types of birds.

Table top activities can be done by all children from all age groups and I can have the very youngest sitting on my lap or in the high chair or booster seats that can accommodate all participating in the activities. The activities that the children like to do is use play-dough, crayons/felt –tip pens and coloured pencils, we also have messy play time which could be gloopy fun, painting or gluing.

I actively seek and respect the views and preferences of all the children in my care and I can do this by empathising with the children and to understand and respond to their differing needs, likes and dislikes. All children have an equal right to be listened to and valued in the setting for example is when I take photos of the children and I will only take photos of those children that the parents have given me permission to and I always ask the child and if I do get a no then I explain to the child why I want to take the photo, sometimes with a little encouragement I get to take the photo and sometimes I don’t and I except this and respect the wishes of the child....

Bibliography: I would like to offer special thanks to Julie Ridley for all her help and support through the course and from the following website for quotations about smacking - Dec 13th 2008.
The books and references that I used as information sources was as follows:
Toddler Taming by Dr Christopher Green.
Child Behaviour in the early years by Karen Sullivan.
Diploma in home-based childcare – For childminders and Nannies by Sheila Riddall-Leech.
The hand-out notes that I received for Unit 2.
The EYFS 2nd edition information pack.
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