Cache-Level 2- Unit 1

Topics: Learning, Confidentiality, Visual learning Pages: 6 (2097 words) Published: May 23, 2013
D1: Describe the purpose of ONE (1) setting that is statutory provision for each age range. A statutory provision for under 5’s could be a nursery as it is fully funded by the government. The government dictates that education must be provided for all children under 5 although it is the parents’ wishes to send children to nursery. The intention of a nursery is so that they educate the children before they start school, also they can help develop their social and their motor skills so that they are nearly fully developed ready for starting school. The role of the school is to support parent’s wishes and access children’s educational needs. “The Foundation Phase is a statutory framework for children aged 3-7 in Wales. At our school we are committed to the holistic development of each child, looking at where they are in their stage of development and teaching them the skills they need to reach their full potential”-( A primary school is a statutory provision for ages between five and seven. This setting provides full time education by following the national curriculum “The National Curriculum, taught to all pupils in state or maintained schools, is made up of blocks of years, known as key stages” - All local authorities in England and Wales must provide a choice of schools for children to attend. D2: Describe the purpose of ONE (1) setting that is a different type of provision for each age range. A different provision for under 5’s could be a private nanny, a private nanny works in the home of the children and lives in or out of the home depending on the parent’s decision. A nanny looks after children from birth onwards although this depends on the parents’ wishes. Nanny’s work in a private working agreement, so the parents of the children pay the nanny directly and also pay their taxes and national insurance. A purpose of a nanny is so that in out of school hours the children are looked after and cared for; a nanny is purposed for busy working class parents. “Nanny is responsible for the entire care of the children of their employers. This includes anything from washing the children's clothes and tidying the children's rooms, to supervising homework and preparing children's meals, as well as taking children to and from school and activities. A nanny is available 24 hours a day, unless their employment contract states otherwise.”- ( A different provision for children between five and seven could be an out of school club. An out of school club doesn’t educate children although they do offer a range of activities. It is the parent’s choice to use the school club as it is fully paid by the parents. All out of school clubs follow health and safety rules. “Our aim is to provide quality accessible out of school childcare offering a range of play activities in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.”- ( )- 15/10/12

D3: Describe the work of a professional or an agency working with children. A professional role which would work with children would be a children’s nurse. A nurses’ role is varied and sometimes challenging. Support is a major factor for the role of a nurse; children’s nurses will work as part of a team including doctors, hospital play staff, radiographers, healthcare assistants, new-born hearing screeners, psychologists and social workers. “This branch involves everything from nursing a sick new-born to an adolescent road accident victim. The challenges are very varied, with family care and support a key element.”- ( ) A Children’s nurse helps and supports children by evaluating patient needs to provide the best possible care. Nurses also support families of the patients they educate and advise children about treatments and implications also to provide support and training to...
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