cache level 2 children's and young peoples workforce

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Verbal abuse Pages: 3 (880 words) Published: January 30, 2014
TDA 2.9
3.2 Describe the sort of behaviour problems that should be referred to others and to whom these should be referred to.

THE FOLLOWING BEHAVIOUR IS INAPPROPRIATE AND SHOULD BE REFERRED. BULLYING, this is very common in nurseries and schools and has been for years, but bullying is taken more seriously now than it was in the past years. Bullying should be stopped at all times, if a child is persistently is bullying other children then senior members of staff must be notified, senior members of staff then try to work with the child and involve the parents to discuss the problem of bullying. If such behaviour continues then the setting would contact relevant organisations for example family practitioners to work with the family and child to see why the child is displaying such actions towards other children. The family practitioner would then decide if other organisations need to be involved such as social services. Bullying is very common it can start either with a group of children, sometimes one to one which progresses in other children getting involved. Sometimes children bully a certain child they don’t like, bullying can vary from child to child. Children can get bullied over their clothes, hair or outlook. For example a new child starts school, child A is the new child she is very shy and doesn’t talk much, child B has been in this school for a long time and is well known by all children. Child A is playing outside, child B comes along and starts to tease child A. Child B makes horrible remarks about child A calling her names and saying she smells and he doesn’t like smelly people. This has been a very upsetting experience for child A she is upset and now scared of child B, she needs to tell someone of child B but sometimes children are so scared of the children that bully them that they suffer in silence. This would have drastic effects on the child, the child would get withdrawn from school, would be scared and would not concentrate on school...
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