Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Plot Segmentation

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Plot Segmentation

The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari
Robert Weine
1hr 12 min

1)Title and Credits

2)Insane Asylum
a) Old Man talks about spirits
b) Jane Olsen walks by
c) Francis begins to tell the Old Man about his experience

a)Caligari walks into city
b) Alan is introduced to Francis
c)Alan handed flyer about fair in Holstenwall
d)Alan and Francis decide to attend the fair

4)Town Clerk's Office
a)Caligari looks to get a permit for his exhibit
b)After giving Caligari a hard time the Town Clerk gives Caligari the permit.

5)Holstenwall Fair
a)Caligari unveils his exhibit to a extremely busy fair
b)First look at Cesare "the Somnambulist"

6)Town Clerks Home
a)Town Clerk is found murdered: Stabbed in his side

7)Holstenwall Fair
a)Alan and Francis attend a very busy fair
b)Caligari unveils his Somnambulist Cesare for 2nd day
c)Alan and Francis decide to visit "The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari"

8)Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari
a)Caligari unveils Cesare to the crowd
b)Caligari awakens Cesare and tells crowd Cesare knows the past and the future and they should ask him a question c)Alan asks Cesare how long he has to live, Cesare replies, "Till Dawn Tomorrow"

9)Streets Of Holstenwall
a)A disturbed Alan and Francis walk the streets and meet Jane Olsen and then leave with her

10)Caligari's Trailer
a)Caligari comes out and ominously looks around

11)Streets Of Holstenwall
a)Alan and Francis return home and both admit their love for Jane Olsen b)Decide to leave choice up to Jane, say goodnight and part ways

12)Alan's Bedroom
a)Alan lies sleeping and is awakened and murdered

13)Francis's Home
a)Woman comes running in to tell Francis that Alan has been murdered b)Francis and Woman are both grief stricken when suddenly Francis remembers the prophecy of the Somnambulist Cesare

14)Holstenwall Police Station
a)Francis runs in to tell police about Alan and decrees not to rest till the murderer is caught

15)Jane Olsen's Home
a)Francis tells Jane of Alan's murder and she becomes distraught b)Francis tells Jane's father Dr. Olsen what happened and he promises to get permission to question Cesare

16)Streets of Holstenwall
a)Shady character creeps along side of building and enters home b)Old woman cries out from window "Murder help! Murder"
c)Shady Character flees house as group of men chase him

17)Caligari's Trailer
a)Caligari awakens Cesare to feed him
b)Francis arrives with Dr. Olsen to question Cesare

18)Holstenwall Police Station
a)Group of men escort the murderer to the station and he is arrested

19)Caligari's Trailer
a)Francis and Dr. Olsen check out Cesare as Caligari looks worried and uneasy b)Dr. Olsen tells Caligari to wake Cesare up; Caligari refuses c)Francis walks outside and receives a paper that reads, Holstenwall Double Murderer captured in third attempt d)Both men leave as Caligari appears pleased

20)Jane Olsen's Home
a)Jane is anxious about her father's prolonged absence

21)Holstenwall Police Station
a)Francis and Dr. Olsen arrive to see the murderer
b)Murderer admits to trying to kill Old Woman but says he had nothing to do with the other 2 murders c)Francis is distraught by this information

22)Holstenwall Fairgrounds
a)Jane looking for her father makes her way through
the empty fairgrounds
b)She stops by Caligari's and asks if he's seen her father, Caligari says no but invites her in to his tent to see Cesare c)Caligari awakens Cesare and he terrifies Jane

23)Holstenwall Cemetery
a)The Olsen's and Francis leave after Alan's Funeral

24)Holstenwall Fairgrounds
a)Francis heads towards Caligari's trailer at night

25)Caligari's Trailer
a)Francis peers through window and sees a sleeping Caligari and Cesare

26) Jane Olsen's House
a) Cesare slinks along wall and enters...
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