Cabin Crew

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A typical day for a cabin crew on a long haul flight
This report will acknowledge you about a typical day for a cabin crew on a long haul flight. Of course it may vary time to time because all airlines are different.

Flight prep
The night before the flight, as a cabin crew, you must pack your suitcase for the flight and to know what clothes you should bring, you should check the weather in the destination you are flying to. You must make sure your uniform is clean and neat, you bring all documents with you and it is very important to review SEP questions before going to the pre-flight briefing.
Also you must check your airline website where you will find information about your position (e.g Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4) and other flight info such as departure time, flight number, estimated duration of the flight and crew information.
Another important thing is to decide how you are going to get to the airport and how much time it will take you to get there, so you will not be late.

Pre-flight briefing
All cabin crew members will have a meeting with their ISM, senior crew and other cabin crew members before the flight. During this meeting you will be given information about the flight, your role on the aircraft, information about meals and drinks, if there are any passengers who need extra assistance and also you will be asked some health and safety questions.

Before boarding
Before boarding you must make sure you have all important documents such as ID card and passport with you.
Once you are on board, you must do a full safety check of a cabin to make sure nothing suspicious has been left onboard and also check if all safety equipment (such as first aid kit, PBE) is on place and correct.
Check if there are enough meals and supplies for the number of passengers onboard. Finally check the toilets for security and that they are stocked up with necessities.
When you finished, you must do a report to crew that you have finished all checks.

PAX boarding

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