Cabin Crew
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Pre flight responsibilities: * What equipment you will check and what are you checking for?
The equipments that will be check are: 1. First aid kit – this need to be check because if there is an accident happen this equipment is going to be needed for the crew to be able to help the passenger. 2. Oxygen – This is needed to be check because this equipment has to be wear by passengers when there’s a situational emergency that happen. (E.g. Turbulence, emergency landing, etc.) 3. Life jacket – this equipment needs to be check because if the aircraft lands on water, the passenger has to wear to this to prevent them from drowning. 4. Fire extinguisher- this equipment has to be check as well because in case of fire happening in the aircraft, this can put out the fire. 5. Door – Cabin crews have to make sure if the doors are closed properly. * What action would be taken if equipment is faulty or missing?
If there are faulty or missing equipments that you have checked, you need to report it to the engineer or the ground crew. * What action would you take if you found a suspect item?
If you found suspected items, you need to report this to the security desk.

Passengers embarking and before take-off: * What would your boarding duties be?

The duties would be: 1. Welcoming the passengers- when greeting a passenger you have to make sure the passenger will feel welcomed and comfortable. 2. Boarding pass- cabin crew need to check the boarding pass of the passenger. 3. Direct them to their seat-after the cabin crew check the boarding pass you have point out which way their seats are. 4. Assist the passenger- you have to guide or show them where they have to seat. * Describe how the crew would carry out a headcount?
The cabin crew carry out a headcount by counting them * Describe what you would do to insure cabin is secure for departure?
You have to check that the passenger is all sitting down and that they

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