Cabeza de Vaca

Topics: Spanish colonization of the Americas, Protagonist, Antagonist Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: August 25, 2008
Alva Nunez Cabeza de Vaca’s life after eight years of being “trapped” in a foreign land he knew nothing about could have possibly changed his life and aspect of life. This film, entitled by the main characters name, Cabeza de Vaca, was a true story about Alva’s time spent in Florida. For the duration of his eight years in this new region, he would grow accustom to the way of life of the Indians he was bounded with. A devout Christian, the experiences, sights and adventures he would go through would ultimately leave a choice for him to decide when the Spanish settlement took place.

Off the coast of Florida, Alva Nunez and his crew were on an expedition to Florida, when their ship sinks. Stranded, they set off by foot on a land they were not familiar with. They were captured by the Iguase Indians and separated. Alva was enslaved to a healer, and was amazed by the way of life. He would eventually pick up the lifestyle and be set on his way.

As a healer himself, he was ready to take on what was to come. Alva would be reunited with his other crew members only to be captured again. Though he would escape, an Indian was wounded and later healed by Alva. Other members of this Indians’ tribe would see Alva to have powers, as well as his fellow crew members, who thought it to be witchcraft. Tensions between his members and him were weary when Alva “resurrected” a beautiful tribe woman, although it would gain the respect of most Indians.

When his healing group arrived at another tribe, there had been a massacre, in which other Indians were shot by Spaniards. When Alva discovered who was responsible, he quickly found out that he must stop the Spanish from destroying the Indian life. In fear of what could happen if the Spanish discovered what he has done, he ordered all of his followers to run and was left with his fellow Spaniards to set out and find the Spanish. Eventually found, he was amazed to learn that eight years have passed. Sorrow surrounded Alva Nunez when...
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