C1 Jan 2006 Markscheme

Topics: Kompakt, Kompakt albums Pages: 4 (541 words) Published: August 13, 2013
Question Scheme Marks

1.[pic]Factor of x. (Allow [pic]) M1
[pic]Factorise 3 term quadratic M1 A1
Total 3 marks

2.(a) [pic] B1
[pic]For [pic], ft [pic] B1ft, B1
(3) (b) [pic] B1ft

Total 4 marks

3.(a) [pic](or equivalent verification)(*) B1
(1) (b) Gradient of L is [pic] B1
[pic](ft from a changed gradient) M1 A1ft
[pic](or equiv. with integer coefficients) A1
(4) Total 5 marks

Question Scheme Marks

4.(a) [pic]M1: [pic] M1 A1
(b) [pic] M1: [pic] M1 A1 A1
(3) [pic]First A1: [pic]
Second A1: [pic]

Total 5 marks

5.(a) 3(5(or a = 3) B1
(b) [pic] M1
[pic] (Used as or intended as denominator) B1 [pic](Independent)...
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