Byzantine Empire Notes

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Catholic Church, Kiev Pages: 4 (701 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Byzantine empire
1000 years of a strong and large empire
Location: on the Black Sea Mediterranean Sea
Therefore good fisherman, sailors
Therefore good economy, good trade.
Therefore a lot of cultural diffusion
-In ancient times this is called Asia Minor
-Not to far from Greece
Therefore a lot of Greek influences.
1) Spoke Greek
2) Influenced by Greek Architecture
3) Influenced by a new form of Christianity
Greek orthodox church=Byzantine Empire is called the Eastern Orthodox Church – Today the Byzantine Empire is southern Russia Turkey Spain The capital of the Byzantine Empire is called Constantinople Also known as “the new Rome”

Most famous empire in Byzantine Empire is:
- A man named Justinnian 527-565
1) Wants a large empire therefore you conquer Spain, Rome Greece Northern Africa from barbarians -Also around the Mediterranean Sea
2) Look at the the roman laws
Started a commission to eliminate old-fashioned laws revise laws and to add laws * all laws are placed into categories
Therefore corpus of civil law (Justinnian codes of laws)
-Used for 100 of years in Europe
Laws are divided into 4 books
1) Digest
2) Institutes
3) Novels
4) Code

3) Build all over the Byzantine Empire paved roads, fortress, monasteries, and hospitals. 4) Byzantine Empire having new economy
Silk leaving
In order to gain info. Justinnian send monks as spies to learn about it

Religion and problems in Byzantine Empire
1) C.700- pope in Rome cant control the barbarians and the Nobles. Therefore pope turns to the Byzantine Empire to help control the situation Byzantine empires send no
2) C.700-Aberdeen Leo the 3rd
Leo the 3rd and his generals are icon clasts
Therefore there is a conflict between the Emperor and the people of the Empire icon clasts- Icon smashers
People who went into churches and broke icons
Icons – statues of a religious figure
The pope and the people of the Byzantine...
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