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------------------------- CORPORATION

ARTICLE I :Offices

Section 1.Principal Office.- The principal office of the corporation shall be located at the place stated in the Articles of Incorporation.

Section 2.Other Offices.- The Corporation may also have a branch office or branch offices at such other place or places within or outside the Philippines as the Board of Directors may from time to time determine as the business of the Corporation may require.

ARTICLE II :Shares of Stock and Their Transfer

Section 1.Certificates of Stock.- Each stockholder shall be entitled to receive one or more certificates of stock showing the number of shares registered in his name upon full payment of his subscription, together with interest and expenses thereon, if any, is due. The certificates of stock shall be signed by the President or the Vice President and countersigned by the Secretary or the Assistant Secretary of the Corporation and sealed with its corporate seal. They shall be issued in consecutive order and be in such form as shall be approved by the Board of Directors.

The signature by the President or Vice President and the countersignature by the Secretary may be by an individual signing by such officers or by a facsimile of either or both of their signatures. However, no certificate may be signed by facsimile by the duly authorized signing officers of the Transfer Agent of the Corporation, but the same must be manually signed by the authorized signing officers of the Transfer Agent.

Every certificate returned to the corporation for the exchange or transfer of shares shall be cancelled and posted in its original place in the stock certificate book, and no new certificates shall be issued until the old certificate has been thus cancelled and returned to its original place in such book.

Section 2.Transfer of Stock.- Subject to the restrictions on transfer as appears in the Articles of Incorporation, transfers of shares of the capital stock of the Corporation shall be made only on the books of the Corporation by the holder thereof, or by his duly authorized attorney-in-fact or legal representative, in such manner as to show the names of the parties to the transaction, the date of the transfer, the number of the certificate(s) and the number of shares transferred, and upon such transfer, the old certificate(s) shall be surrendered to the Corporation by the delivery thereof to the person in charge of the stock and transfer books and ledgers, or to such other person as the Board of Directors may designate, by whom it/they shall be cancelled, and new certificate(s) shall be issued. The term "person" or "persons" used herein shall be deemed to include any firm or firms, corporation or associations. Whenever any transfer of shares shall be made for collateral security and not absolutely, such fact, if known to the Secretary or to the transfer agent, shall be so expressed in the entry of the transfer.

Section 3.Addresses of Stockholders.- Each stockholder shall designate to the Secretary of the Corporation an address at which notices of meetings and all other corporate notices may be served upon or mailed to him, and if any stockholder shall fail to designate such address, corporate notices may be served upon him by mail at his last known post office address.

Section 4.Lost, Destroyed and Mutilated Certificates.- The holder of any stock of the Corporation shall immediately notify the Corporation of any loss, destruction or mutilation of the certificates therefor, and the Board of Directors may cause to be issued to him a new certificate(s) of stock, upon the surrender of the mutilated certificate or, in case of loss or destruction of the certificate, upon compliance with the procedure required under Section 73 of the Corporation Code. The Board of Directors may require the owner of the lost or destroyed certificate or his...
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