Bye By to Plastics

Topics: Fashion doll, Barbie, Dolls Pages: 4 (695 words) Published: April 24, 2014
Argumentative Rough Draft Essay
Bye-Bye Fantastic Plastic
Dreaming about having a long, blond hair, big, blue eyes, a Coca-Cola shaped figure, and a closet full of fancy dresses is truly a big part of little girls’ fantasy. Definitely, Barbie dolls possess all those traits. Whether it is Christmas or birthdays, every growing lass wishes to have a Barbie because owning it and its cute little dresses is like a crowing glory to her. Without a doubt, Barbie plays a huge role on girls’ childhood. However, Barbie should be abolished globally because this perfect, fantastic, plastic doll shows an unrealistic body image, gives higher expectation on girls, and contributes to lower one’s self-esteem. First, Barbie dolls have an unrealistic physical appearance that creates psychological damages to everyone, especially on girls. All of the dolls sold in the market do not have cellulites, hanging flabby arms, or bulging belly, but Barbie have the most remarkable and unimaginable body proportion of them all. Anschutz stated that girls specifically in Western part of the world who owns an incredibly, slender, fashion dolls like Barbie tends to have problems in their eating behavior. Furthermore, Anschutz added that those girls who played with the thin dolls have a less food intake compared to those who played the average sized doll. (Anschutz, 2010) Their study really showed that Barbie’s image can possibly affect the child’s psychological development. No wonder cases of eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia sky rocketed these days in our generation. Second, due to Barbie’s flawless image, women have a higher expectation on what they should look like. Certainly, Barbie dolls became a role model not only for children but also many adults too crave to be like her. The only solution one can do to have a goddess-like appearance is to spend tons and tons of money and go under the knife to achieve it. An ordinary 49-year-old British woman named Sarah Burge spent almost...

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