Topics: The Reader, Repetition, A Series of Unfortunate Events Pages: 3 (1097 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Grief, governed by human nature, is an inevitable result of losing someone you love, andcan often, though resulting from such contrasting events, cause very similar life-changing results. The themes of Amy Bloom’s By-and-By is centered around the loss of a loved one, a best friend named Anne. The interminable effects of grieving entangled throughout the theme of Bloom's By-and-By not only enlightens the reader to the inevitability and repetition of unfortunate circumstances in everyone’s lives, but how grief allows us to recognize them as unfortunate, the innocent motivation that so often causes them, the relationships that are formed from them that would seldom be formed otherwise, and the permanent lifechanges that result as a cause of them. To use the phrase, “trouble always finds you” would be vague and full of assumption, but it does summarize the basic conception that everyone has to faceunfortunate events at some time or another in their lives, inevitably. Bloom lays this out quite nicely as they surface the unknown of being watched or followed before “trouble” occurs. “In the Adirondacks, the Gens Falls trail and the old mining roads sometimes overlap. Miles of trail, around Sepculator and Johnsburg are as smooth and neatly edged as garden paths. These are the old Fish Hill Mining Company roads and they will take you firmly and smoothly from the center of Hamilton County to the center of the woods and up the mountainside. Eugene Trask took Anne and her boyfriend, Teddy Ross, when they were loading up Teddy's van in the Glens Falls parking lot.” (495) On page 495, the narrator describes the area in which Anne waskidnapped, the Glens Falls parking lot, and immediately, in the following sentence, tells of Eugene’s capturing them while they were loading up in Teddy's van. In this situation, Anne was being watched and followed, unknowingly, and trouble literally found her, and would lead her and those around her to a level of grief they had...
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