Buying a Home

Topics: Money, Real estate, Property Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: April 4, 2013
We would first have to determine what our budget will be. How much can be afforded down and how much monthly could be afforded comfortably. Now don’t forget to take into consideration, all other expenses that come with buying a home.

Before we begin, remember this is not to be rushed. There are many houses available, and many prices that can be negotiated. Let us start by deciding on location, than what type and size home. If you make this commitment, you should first decide, what the best locations are for you. Just remember to stay with-in your budget. Remember, depending on the location, also determines other associated cost. The value of your home determines your insurance premium, also remember to consider the price of a pool or other recreational items in your yard, these too increase your insurance. Your insurance is estimated on the value of your home and is increased with anything that could be considered hazardous on your property.

Now that we have covered things we should keep in consideration. Let us decide whether we want a new home, used home , foreclosed home, mobile home, we can look around and see what is available and in your price range. There are many distressed homes, I think we should start there. A lot of times the owner will pay all the closing costs and finance the home for you. There are also homes available, for a small price, we can look into homes for sale due to the owners’ inability to pay their taxes. If we buy three of their tax certificates, we can than demand payment on all three or we become the owners of their home. There is also house swapping and owners wanting people to take over payments, to avoid default and foreclosure.

Now let’s start our house hunting. There are numerous resources online. We have our local online listings, every bank website has a list of their foreclosed homes, and we can look at our local tax office. These will give us a good start, on cheaper homes.

As we look, take into consideration...
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