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Topics: Smartphone, Mobile phone, Windows Mobile Pages: 10 (3148 words) Published: January 13, 2013
TOPIC- Analyse the buying decision process for Smart phones and also to test the effect of reference groups on the buying process


REGD. NO- FT-12-MM-515
PROGRAM- PGDM-(Marketing Management)
The concept of “Buying decision process” is of prime importance in marketing and has evolved over the years. It’s very much important to know the consumer buying decision process as it plays a vital role in creating an impact on purchase of a product. The human wants are regularly unlimited and they expect more and more. Smartphone are no expectation to this behaviour. It leads to frequent modification of smart phones and we see a new innovative model coming to the Indian market every month with upgraded features and specifications. The Indian customers craze for mobile phones has touched new heights in the past few years. In this project my findings gave me thorough insights of consumer buying decision process of smart phones. I found that consumers consider various parameters while buying a smart phone. Factors such as price, features availing, utility and its hedonic aspects are considered to be important. On the whole, the market is very important place to study the buying decisions of reference group (consumers) and also provide useful insights what a consumer wants in a product. It is only through research that a company will understand the buying decision process of consumers. INTRODUCTION

Nowadays, mobile phone, or cell phone, has almost become a necessity product in people’s social life among the world. A thing considered as status symbol not so long ago in India is now afforded by a rickshaw puller to a labourer. The dramatic and continuously development in technology contribute a lot in improving the functions of Smartphone which offers advanced functions that being used more like mini-computers rather than simpler peers, such as sophisticated connectivity abilities. The target groups of Smartphone users when it first came in the market was actually the business users, who has the need to get connected to the internet anywhere and anytime in order to manage email, calendars to get updated in time. However, during the market development of Smartphone, the appearance of new consumers stimulates a new market for Smartphone in which the function development could not be seen as the main attraction to consumers; many other aspects need to be concerned as well. Therefore, companies should create the marketing strategy that can best satisfy their new defined target consumers that if they want to gain higher market share and bigger sales volume. Various factors that influence Smartphone consumer’s purchase decision making should be taken into account. It’s rare to find the smart phone market shares for the Indian market. But, CMR, a market research company, has released India Mobile Handsets Market Review for the period 1H 2012 (January–June 2012). The report reveals that a massive 102.43 million mobile handset units were sold during this period, including 5.5 million smart phone sales. Nokia lead the mobile handset market, while Samsung emerged as a leader in the smart phone category. Android was the most popular mobile operating system. The top 3 players in the Indian Mobile Handset Market were Nokia, Samsung and Micromax, with 22.2%, 13.0% and 5.5% respectively. The mobile handset shipments grew by 16.6% year-on-year 1H 2012 vis-à-vis 1H 2011. The smart phone market in India has been dominated by Samsung with a 41.6% share, followed by Nokia (19.2%) and RIM (BlackBerry, 12.1%). The report also revealed the market shares in terms of the mobile operating systems. The leading smart phone operating systems were Android (56.4%), Symbian (17.4%), BlackBerry (12.1%), Bada (8.5%), iOS (3.0%) and Windows Mobile (2.6%) with a total...
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