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November 30, 2014
Buying on Credit
In a world that is heavily reliant on economics and personal finance on a global scale, it is necessary for people to have the availability of credit. Both individuals and businesses use credit to facilitate purchases that they would not have been able to afford in cash. Having access to credit can be either an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on whose perspective you look at it from. The ease that is currently experienced with accessing credit is proof that it is a necessary tool for people to be able to progress in life. According to the definition given by the Webster’s dictionary, credit is transferring goods and services in confidence. with an agreement to pay at a later date.
Credit transactions began in colonial times. when it was only the privileged people who were able to access credit. Farmers were the main ones who needed credit on a regular basis to help with their livestock. There were no charges for accessing credit in those times, instead, the cost was directly added to the price of the loan products (Omar et al.). Consumers who make credit, and not cash purchases are major players in the economy. The ease of accessing credit also comes with the responsibility of being able to repay it on time and in full. Many people are able to access credit, but not all are able to repay their debt when it falls due. To this end, many are indebted to the lending institutions that afforded them the privilege of accessing the loan.

Even the government has loans and if they are not paid, will also run into problems. The interest on a loan is the major contender in the problems that are faced by borrowers. Many believe that after they have accessed credit, the prompt that they receive to repay the minimum balance is the only payment that they need to make. When the minimum balance is repaid, the interest continues to grow on the principal until it is also repaid. The public, government agencies,

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