Buying Behavior of Women for Unstiched Cloths of Bangladesh

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A study

“Unstitched Clothes”
Buying behavior

Research report
Unstitched cloths
Buying behavior

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Women are fond of shopping. They have a buying behavior of unstitched cloth. Different shopping malls, shopping bazaars sell various types of this cloth. And also the demand of the cloths are not same everywhere. Different status, different areas like Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Panthopath, University of Dhaka regions women mostly buy this cloth from New Market, Gausia, Chadni chawk and Priyangon shopping center, Gulshan 1,2 market and Banani DCC market. But recently it has been seen that Gausia Super Market is gaining popularity among women from different areas, specially Dhanmondi, Panthopath and University of Dhaka region. The main objective of this study is to determine, why women of Dhaka city from different region which mentioned above, want to buy unstitched cloths from Gausia Super Market as there are also other markets and shopping centers available for them.

After doing the research it is found that, women give the most priority to the price and availabil;ity of other products when they buy cloths from shopping malls or markets. So they found these two combinations of their choice at Gausia Super Market. They also found variations in designs at that market. Among 260 women, 205 women said that they prefer Gausia market for the reasonable price of cloths, and 180 women said that they prefer this market for the variations in designs.

Women prefer buying cloths at low price and also prefer design. They like to buy cloths at some place where there will be availability of other accessories also. As most of them do not get enough time for shopping so when they get time, they come to Gausia for availability of different products including cloths at a reasonable price.

The buying behavior of target customer- is an important issue for every business to know. And those businesses that are dealing with women cloths and accessories should do this kind of study. Here from this report we can find some brief recommendations for the sellers and businessmen of these types of products. When their target customer is women, so they should keep in mind the price, design of the products. The price should be reasonable and there should be variations of designs. Location and market environment are not that much concerning matter for sellers because buyers do not want much more high standard market, where price would be very high. Seller behavior is also an important factor for buyers. they do not like sellers who do a rude behavior to them and do not pay much heed to their words. So sellers should keep that in mind. If buyers get these factors then they can become loyal customer of every shop.


Women have a different buying behavior for unstitched cloths. For buying cloths, most of them prefer to buy cloths from a particular market ‘Gausia Super Market’. The purpose of this report is to discover, why women prefer this market for buying cloths.

* Background:
Women are a big portion of a society and country. Women have a hobby of shopping. They like to visit shops and buy colorful and fashionable things and cloths. Their habit of shopping gives the businessmen the chance to open new and new shops and markets. They always want to keep themselves updated with the recent fashions. In Bangladesh, most of the women usually prefer wearing cloths or dresses which are tailored with various designed unstitched cloths. They have a buying behavior of unstitched cloths. They always try to choice and buy colorful and fashionable cloths that are up to date. So the cloth...
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