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Topics: United States, Vegetable, Poverty in the United States Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: October 15, 2008
After reading this article I have come to the conclusion that I always known to be true and that is nothing that we buy as Americans is from within the United States. This hasn’t always been the case for the United States, however due to the global market, a majority of our products to come from outside the United States.

As one walks through the supermarket everything around is from different parts of the globe. One example is in the fruits and vegetable areas within the supermarket. All the fruits and vegetables come from around the world. However, there may be some products from the United States, but a majority of them are not and this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Some products for instance can’t even by made in our climate. This is something that businesses cannot control and causes them to go outside the United States for a particular piece of produce. This is an example of an external force that companies have no control over and causes them to go internationally.

The reason why the majority of products are made outside the United States has mostly to do due with cost. The reason why cost is the driving factor for production outside the United States is the cost of labor and production. In other parts of the world companies are able to pay they labor a cheaper rate compared to that in the United States. However, Americans may frown on this practice, but companies are in business for a profit not to appease the public.

As the world continues to grow and become globally connected more and more products will be made outside the United States. It’s that the United States cannot make or produce a product but it has all to do with the cost of production.
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