Buyer Behavior: Women's Obsession over Expensive Shoes

Topics: Shoe, Footwear, Louis XIV of France Pages: 4 (1261 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Anne Nashali
Buyer Behavior

Woman’s Obsession over buying expensive shoes

Women’s Obsession over buying expensive shoes
Men’s high heels (Europe, 1700’s)
Shoes and stockings became very important for men in the 1700’s, when the tailored coat and breeches came into fashion and the focus shifted to the lower body, suddenly it was all about the shapely legs, and men wanted to wear flattering, fanciful hose and shoes to accentuate them. King Louis XIV also had a thing for high heels. It must have been tough being short in stature but lofty in power and usually whatever the king does, everyone else copies as well, so when King Louis XIV wore high heels with red soles and heels only those who were respectable was able to wear the same and not everyone else could do the same as the King. This has a connection to a shoe brand which is very famous to this day called Christian Louboutin, which has the same red signature sole just like King Louis XIV’s time because not everyone could wear a red soled or purchase them. It was mainly because of the price of the shoes because not everybody could afford $1000 on a pair of shoes.

From time immemorial, shoes are favorite collections and the next big thing for women after diamonds. New styles and colors are out to captivate every woman's eye. From spiked heels made by well celebrated designer, Christian Louboutin to cheap shoe collections. All genres of women get madly obsessed with them. From time to time, as fashion fanatics change their clothes and accessories, they also automatically update their shoes." The new film God Save My Shoes, explores why women are so obsessed with shoes. Women's shoes account for 60 percent of the $40 billion worth of shoes sold in the U.S. Each year men’s and kid's purchases aren't even half of that and many of the shoes women buy are totally impractical and uncomfortable. So, why do women do it? What is it about shoes? Men and their sneakers is one thing, but women and their...

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