Buy vs Build

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Loubelle Ara G. Cabalsa Sept. 4 2013

Buy vs Build

I agree with the author because according to the title of the article that says “Buy vs. Build”, he says that the judges ask him a question and he said “I don’t know-they just don’t”. I also agree to him that at each event he encounter the same question and he answers the same. Buy is to acquire in exchange for money or its equivalent; purchase. While build is to form by ordering and uniting materials by gradual means into a composite whole.

The cost and corporate structure part in the article made an impact on me because large companies can’t compete with startups on a cost and execution basis. While startups beg, borrow and barter, large companies follow established processes, protocol and prices to accomplish the same things at a much slower speed and a heavy multiple of the cost.

My personal experience was when I take charge of selling our products in our sari-sari store in the province of Quezon, Lucena City. When my mom is not around I was left alone doing this stuffs selling here and there. When I’m hungry I buy snacks on our own sari-sari store. When I didn’t know the price of this product I call my mom to ask how much is this like piattos or nova chips.

My recommendation is we should build our own companies instead of buying those that are owned already. It is not right to buy a company that is owned by someone because he labor and earned his own money just to grow a successful company. For me I will build my own company someday and hire many employees that are sufficient and have more experienced in the company itself.

I learned that marketing can help us to buy or build our own company. And the fact on how to manage it with my very own hired employees. Someday I want to own a company and be a president or a CEO of my own company. And one last thing I want to help my family in business because they sacrificed too much on my studies, they give me allowance every...
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