Butterfly and Mosquito Life Cycle

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The growth of caterpillars into butterflies has six stages. Only 2 or 3 out of every hundred eggs laid become butterflies. The first stage is when the butterflies lay eggs on a leaf out of which 2 or 3 percent of the eggs develop into butterflies. When they hatch, they eat their shells. If they do not eat their shells, they will die. We call them caterpillars now. The third stage is when the caterpillars grow and shed their skin which happens five times and each time the new skin is a different colour or pattern. From this stage, they transform into a chrysalis and while inside the caterpillar develops into a butterfly. Stage five is when the butterfly comes out of the chrysalis with wings and a few hours later they become fully fledge butter butterflies ready to fly up to sky.

Mosquito life cycle
One mosquito can lay more than 50-300 hundred eggs and they can lay eggs 1-7 times in one life time. The mosquito lays eggs in still water and at first the colour of the egg is white which changes to brown and then black. At the next stage we call them larva because they have a body and siphon, and they eat moss and organic substances. This stage usually takes 6-8 days. The larva sheds its skin to become a pupa takes 1 or 2 days. Finally as a mosquito, it is black or brown in colour and has a body which legs and wings. The appearance of the male mosquito has a thick antennae and they eat sweet liquid while the female mosquito has thin and short antennaes and bite people and animals to suck blood.
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