Butane Lab

Topics: Pressure, Gas, Ideal gas law Pages: 2 (284 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Butane Lab
The purpose of this lab is to determine the molar mass of Butane. Materials
1. funnel

2. thermometer

3. bucket
4. butane lighter

5. tap water

6. graduated cylinder

7. electronic balance
1. Rinse bucket and fill it ¾ way
2. Rinse glassware
3. Place thermometer in tray
4. Record pressure of Mercury
5. Record temperature of water in tray
6. Weigh your dried lighter before the procedure and after the procedure and record the butane gas lost 7. Record collected volume of butane by releasing into graduated cylinder 8. Test the gas by removing the cylinder from the water and inserting a lit splint inside of the cylinder. 9. Rinse all materials

When the lab was performed, the pressure was 762.5 millimeters of mercury. The weight of the dried butane lighter was 13.84 grams before the lab was performed. After the lab was performed, the lighter was 13.63 grams. .21 grams of butane was lost. The recorded collected volume of Butane was 76 milliliters. 23.7 torr of Mercury was recorded. The Ideal Gas Law says that n = .0795

This experiment could have been improved in many ways. For one, the process of submersing the top of the graduated cylinder in water without getting air bubble inside of the graduated cylinder could have been performed in a smoother fashion. Also, the process of lighting the butane lighter could have been better if the person lighting the lighter stopped at a more exact position instead of an approximate location. Another way the experiment could have been improved is if the person holding the graduated cylinder held it away from their selves to avoid injury.
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