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Is She Even One of Us?

Narrator: In this modern day lived a simple family called the “Rodriguez” family. It is composed of a parent, Mr. Noel Rodriguez. He’s a fine business man living with only 3 children. His life partner, Mrs. Inna Rodriguez died a few years ago after giving birth to their youngest child Sophie. When Sophie was at the age of 3, he family discovered an unbreakable disease on her because they were curious why Sophie seldom talks smiles or do anything like she don’t have any feelings at all. This family still lives happy despite this problem. But, there’s one thing for sure, not everybody can easily adapt this situation. Here, is where this question is to be answered. “Is she even one of us?”

[Scene 1: (in the living room) Noel and Sophie came home from the check-up]

Mika: Dad. How’s Sophie?
Noel: The doctors say that there’s nothing they can do about it. Sadly, Sophie has to live her life like this forever. Chriss: Stop worrying! I don’t even think she’s that important. Mika: how dare you say something like that to your sister?!

Chriss: I don’t care! I didn’t even ask for another sister, especially for someone like her. Noel: Stop fighting! Go to your room now.
Mika: C’mon Sophie

[Scene 2: (in the bedroom) Mika saw Chriss putting all the toys of Sophie inside a plastic bag to be thrown.]

Mika: what do you think you’re doing?
Chriss: nothing! You don’t care! It’s none of your business. Narrator: because of Sophie’s love for toys, she tried to get her favorite one. Sophie: Mm-m-m
Mika: give it to her!
Chriss: (Snubs)
Mika: why are you fighting this Chriss? Why don’t you help dad out of this instead? Chriss: Simple. I don’ like her.
Mika: so you don’t!
Narrator: Aaron, Sophie’s best childhood friend came to visit. Noel: Sophie, Aaron came to visit you.

[Scene 3: (in the front yard)]

Aaron: Sophie, mom baked cookies for us. Come with me.

[Scene 4: evening at the same place]
Aaron: hi uncle!...
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