Bussiness Operation Essay

Topics: Management, Output, Input Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Discuss the role and influences of operation management. How can business adopt effective operations processes that help achieve business success? Refer to relevant case studies and example in your discussion. Business operations involve the processes of transformation or more generally, production. This involves the transformation of business inputs and business out puts. The business operations may be influenced by the quality expectations, technology and globalisation. Business may use the inputs, transformation processes and outputs to help them build their business to success. A quality expectation is one of the key goals of a business this total of features and characteristics of products and services that bears its ability to satisfy specified needs. The expectations that people have of businesses determine the way that products are designed, created and delivered to customers. A manager of a business needs to make sure that the product they are selling fits its purpose and is durable. Technology is the design, construction and application of innovative devices, methods and machinery upon operations processes. There are many different types of technology people are very aware of like mobile phones, laptops and security devices these are well known forms of technology. Technology can be seen as a range of devices or a range of enabling processes. For example Woolworth have used technology to increase efficiency in their business by installing a system called ‘stock smart’ this will allow the workers in the warehouse to know where they actually need to send their product and will give them directions to their preferred location. Globalisation is a very significant influence on a business operation management. Globalisation is the increasing economic and financial integration of economies around the world. Many businesses are increasingly working to make their practices towards the global market. Global consumers seek global brands and seek standardised...
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