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Jasper Hennings, owner of Richmond Supply Co., knew full well a company's top executives were largely responsible for determining a firm's corporate culture.

That's why he took such personal pride in the culture of his wholesale plumbing supply company. It didn't just pay lip service to the values it espoused:

integrity. honesty, and a respect for each individual employee. His management team set a good example by living those principles. At least that's what he’d believed until the other day.

The importance Jasper attached to respecting each individual was apparent in the company's Intemet use policy.

It was abundantly clear that employees weren't to use Richmond's computers for anything but business-related activities.

However, Jasper himself had vetoed the inclusion of what was becoming a standard provision in such policies that management had the right to access and review anything employees created, stored, sent, or received on company equipment.

He cut short any talk of installing software filters that would prevent abuse of the corporate computer system Still.

the company reserved the right to take disciplinary action, including possible termination, and to press criminal charges if an employee was found to have violated the policy.

So how was he to square his cherished assumptions about his management team with what he'd just discovered?

Henry Darger, his hard-working chief of operations, had summarily fired a female employee for having accessed another worker's email surreptitiously.

She hadn't taken her dismissal well. ‘Just ask Darger what he's up to when he shuts his office door,‘ she snarled as she stormed out of Jaspers office. She made what Jasper hoped was an idle threat to hire a lawyer.

When Jasper asked Henry what the fired employee could possibly have meant, tears began to roll down the operations chief's face.

He admitted that ever since a young nephew had committed suicide the...
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