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People in business- 2.4 Improving organisational structures
3. With reference to Table 1 analyse why internal communication has become more difficult as the organisation has grown. Internal communication is the exchange of information that takes place within an organisation (e.g. departmental meetings, in team briefing sessions and in memos to staff). One reasons why is has become more difficult is because whilst total number of employees has increased the number of supervisors and managers has reduced from 12 to 11. Because each manager has a higher work load and is accountable for more members of staff. Therefore, this could lead to a lack of communication because of having a higher workload. This could lead to an increased number of customer complaints shown in table 1. Consequently, wider span of control gives supervisors and managers more staff to communicate with. Another reason why internal communication has become more difficult is because the amount of permanent staff has changed (decreased) from 90 percent to 80 percent. Because of the decrease this will give the firm more flexibility to grow, and those members of staff who are not permanent will feel less motivated. Leading to more customer complaints as those temporary staff will not work to the best of their ability. Therefore, if the number of complaints continue to increase it can become a concern to the business and internal communication becomes even more difficult. 4. Do you agree with Max’s proposal to scrap team work and allocate staff specific roles? Justify your view. I agree with Max’s proposal to scrap team work and allocate staff specific roles because it means that each member of staff will need to do their specific job for everything to function, Leading to a higher labour turnover because each member of staff is competing to meet their specific role. Therefore it will show how productive each member of staff as they will have an allocated role and if they don’t complete it with a...
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