Topics: Africa, World, Culture Pages: 1 (463 words) Published: December 28, 2013
 Goeie môre klas my toespraak vandag oor my ervaring in Afrika. Most of you are probably asking themselves now what is he saying, is this English, well I said to myself the same worlds 18 years ago. Imagine with me a 5 year old kid coming from Lebanon sitting in class in an African school for the first time in his life and his teacher is welcoming him to the class with an African language, weird not .well today the purpose of my speech is to show that it is not easy for a person to enter a new culture but the challenge lies in how to adapt and live within its boundaries. 1990 is the year that we left Lebanon heading to Africa, the civil war was coming to an end, economically the country was in mess and my dad has established his company in Africa, so we had to leave searching for a new start far away from death and ruins my father wanted us to grow on the sounds of music laughter and happiness not on the sounds of weep ,bullets and bombs. Like every child I had to continue my school, so my mom registered me in the same school she teaches at. Well let me tell you about the first day at my school, by entering the gate I was the only white kid in the school, all the other kids were staring at me as if I was from outer space, an alien or something .it was never easy to me I had to get into lots of fights with other kids and spent lots of my time alone with no one to play with , I couldn’t communicate with them and couldn’t understand their way of thinking because I lacked the knowledge of their values and belives.To me it was a new world . As you all know Africa has one of the world’s most ancient cultures in history, it’s based on tribal believes and values ,so for me the hardest challenge was to be able to learn their culture and understand their values to be able to adapt to their nature, because to them the tribe is the environment of survival, and I had to be part of this tribe ,so I taught myself a lot and respected their culture and the...
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