Topics: Strategic management, Marketing, Management, Profit, Stakeholder, The Profit / Pages: 6 (1374 words) / Published: May 4th, 2014
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Reem Said Abdelnur
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BUSI 1311
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Introduction to Business function
Title of Assessment
Tesco’s UK profits fall for first time in two decades.
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Case study
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The aim of this report is to analysis a case study about an organization called Tesco. In this analysis, I will discuss the purpose of the key business function in the organization. Furthermore, I will analyze the power-grid interest of Tesco’s stakeholder. In addition, I will analyze the key issue in the managing stakeholder. Finally, I will show a SWOT analysis of Tesco.

The business industry is getting wider and competitive. According to Hannagan (2008), organizations must be controlled and well organized in order to achieve their aims and objectives successfully. “Organizing is deciding what is to be done and who is to do it, while control is making sure it is done and done well “(p269). There are many different tasks in which an organization must perform to develop as well as improve its growth and sustainability. The four key business functions include finance, marketing, operation and human resource. These key business functions plays an important role towards the organizations achievement and performance. Each of this key business function has their own specific purposes within the organization. As Hannagan (2008) suggested, the division of work will allow individual to be responsible for a limited set of activity rather than for a whole task.

Tesco is an online retailer and delivery business based in England founded by Jack Cohen in 1919. It sells different items such as cloth, household items, gifts, food items are sold. Meanwhile, Tesco operates in 12 countries around the world with over 530,000 employees. Whereas it

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