Business Writing Exercises

Topics: The Return, Mazda Luce, Presentation Pages: 4 (1529 words) Published: November 1, 2014

Business Writing Exercises1a) You can help us bring our customer records up to date and eliminate the expense of duplicate mailings by completing and returning the enclosed card. 1b) You can have a two-night gateway package to Niagara Falls that includes hotel accommodations, Maid of the Mist ticket, and complimentary breakfasts for just $159 per person. 1c) By completing the enclosed questionnaire, we can better accommodate you by developing a master schedule for your summer vacations. 2a) For your safety, your car has been determined to require corrective work. 2b) As you have requested, we are sending you printer toner and supplies to your Oakville office separately. 2c) Please be reminded that December 30 is the last day for changes for individuals who require changes to their health plans. 3a) With full community support, the new health centre can move forward. 3b) Please record the $500 payment from January 6th. My previous statement shows that it has not been done. 3c) We are sending you a replacement blade for your food processor. Installation instructions are on page 18 to avoid future problems. 4a) All employees shall wear their photo ID on the job.

4b) Media Moguls hired Sheena Love for the position of project manager. 4c) Skilled assistants proofreads their boss’s document and catches any errors their boss makes. 5a) The salary we are offering is adequate with other manager’s compensation. 5b) In a conversation with the manager, I learned that you plan to end our contract. 5c) Did the braking problem come up after our attempt to return? 6a) include, the recipient

6b) long, create
6c) publicize
6d) revise, adjust
6e) explained, appropriate
6f) analyzing, of poor quality
7a) looked over
7b) guarantee
7c) figure out
Analysis 1
It has come to my attention that our internet bandwidth has been overloaded with irrelevant activities. Please be reminded that company computers should be used to work-related business and essential personal...
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