Business Unit 13

Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Minimum wage Pages: 8 (2866 words) Published: April 5, 2013
UNIT 13 P1

The two organisations I have chosen are Tesco and Schuh

There are many reasons as to why business may decide to recruit someone to a position. The most common being that someone is leaving this position to join another organisation and their job role needs to be filled. The person recruited may need to work permanently or temporarily. Vacancies may also happen if the business is getting business or needing to expand; the organisation would have to find additional employees to work for them and provide resources and training for them. Positions become available at Tesco due to a number of reasons. Jobs are created as the company opens new stores and expands internally. Vacancies also arise as employees leave the company when they retire of resign or even get promoted to another position within Tesco. Tesco uses a workforce planning table to establish the likely demand for new staff. This considers both managerial and non-managerial positions. Internal recruitment means that the person recruited to a new job will be taken from inside the organisation. This means the person will already be familiar with the type of organisation they are working for and the skills needed to work there. In addition this type of recruitment gives current employees the chance for promotion or additional responsibility, which can be motivating for them. Businesses such as Tesco and Schuh use internal recruitment to improve staff retention and also save money. Recruitment involves attracting the right standard of applicants to appropriate job roles. Tesco advertises jobs in many different ways. the process varies depending on the job available. Tesco first looks internally to fill a vacancy. This process involves looking for current employees who want to move; either at the same level or on to a promotion. If there are no suitable people in this workforce Tesco advertises a post on their intranet for 2 weeks. External recruitment is the opposite of internal recruitment; this involves recruiting from outside the organisation for external recruitment Tesco advertises jobs on their website or through advertising boards in stores. Applications online for managerial positions within the business, the chosen applicants have an interview followed by attendance at an assessment centre for the final stage of their selection process. People may also approach Tesco stores with their CV or register through recruitment agencies. The store prepares a waiting list of people applying in this way and calls them in as jobs become available i.e. if somebody goes on maternity leave, or becomes ill for a period of time. For more specialist jobs, such as bakers and pharmacists, Tesco advertises externally through its website and offline media, through television and radio and also placing advertisements on Google or in magazines. Furthermore, Tesco will seek the most cost-effective way of attracting the right applicants. It is expensive to advertise externally on television and radio, but sometimes it is necessary in order for the right type of people to be selected if internal employees are not suitable. Tesco makes it easy for applicants to research about available jobs and has a very simple application process. By assessing the Tesco website an applicant can find out about local jobs, management posts and head office positions. However, external recruitment means the process of gathering employees from outside of the organisation. Recruiting new employees, directly or through an agency, takes a long time and requires a lot of money. This is due to advertising, interviews and selecting the right person for the job. In addition if the applicant is already working for another organisation they will have to give work their notice. Notice can be anything from 1 week to 6 months, this causes a strain on a business such as Tesco as they have an empty vacancy for a while, however when organisations recruit internally this is less likely to happen....
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