Business travel trends

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Business travel was traditionally characterized by its intensive use of legacy airlines, with higher fares and different classes service and quality. Even as the election of luxurious hotels, private transfers and extremely high expenditures during their business-trip. Everything of the above features changed since the global economy collapse in 2008. Business travel is a big industry with high expenses, but how will business travel develop in the next years? This essay is about the recent and future developments in the business industry connected to low cost travelling.

Low cost business travel become a trend in the upcoming years, but will always stay in this industry Business travel 2013.
These are uncertain economic times but businesses do not intend to put a stop to their travel, since the beginning of 2013 the number of business trips world wide increases. Companies are trying to keep more direct control over business costs. They are turning to other methods to hold down their travel expenditures, including booking cheaper tickets, use of videoconferences, reserving meeting rooms at less expensive hotels and reducing the number of employees sent to meetings. (NYTimes, 2012)

Airline industy
- business class
- economy class
- low cost carriers
- ancillary services
Public transport
hotels bij visited company
- advances
-mobile application

Business travelers increasingly use technology to make travel more productive but also to stay in touch with those back home. (GBTA,2012) Kop 1
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GBTA, 2012,  The Business Traveler of Today: New Study Profiles Corporate Travelers and Their Needs While in Transit. Retrieved from:...
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