Business Travel Improvement

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BUS 558

Business Travel Improvement

May 22, 2010

Business Scope

Currently, our organization does not utilize the internet to make purchases for business travel pertaining to lodging, airfare, and transportation (car rentals). Our organization currently uses travel agents to facilitate this, which is very costly. By implementing a project to replace the travel agency with utilization of internet resources, we can improve our existing process of business travel requests, implement cost savings, and create business travel process efficiency.

Project Objectives

There are three objectives by implementing this project. The first objective is to improve the logistics of Business Travel for our organization. The second one is to apply continuous improvement of business travel by implementing cost effective and efficient ways of improving business travel. The third objective is to replace the existing process of travel request by using a travel agency with utilization of internet resources, i.e. Expedia,,,, etc.

Project Implementation and Content

In order to cut business travel costs, our company should replace the existing request procedure of Business Travel using a business travel agency with a cost efficient process of internet utilization. Minimize travel costs by utilization of internet resources and create efficiency and cohesion by implementation of new business travel processes.

In our project, we


• Determine a budget to complete the project
• Determine the time required to make the transition of as-is process to the to-be process. • Assess the risk factors
• Create visual scope of the project ( to present to stakeholders) • Document all processes
• Evaluate the implementation
• Review for opportunities of continuous improvement.
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