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Topics: Technology, Investment, Costs Pages: 4 (1760 words) Published: April 27, 2015
To what extent do you think that the investment in new technologies inevitably increases the international competitiveness of businesses manufacturing in the UK? Justify your answer with reference to your research and the item. International competitiveness is the degree to which a country can, under free and fair market conditions, meet the test of international markets, while simultaneously maintaining and expanding the real incomes of its citizens. In relation to new technologies this can change the impact of the competiveness of a country greatly as one country could have new technologies and are then able to produce products to a higher standard than another country therefore allowing the country with the better technology to have an advantage in their products and their market size. Technological change has a significant impact on U.K manufacturing and this is clear throughout the item. New technologies have allowed business such as JLR to become more advanced in not only how they produce their cars but how they are set up on the inside. This has allowed JLR to maintain a steady outflow of products as they have adapted to their new technologies and have incorporated them into the everyday production line. As the item says the automation of the production line has allowed the engineers to have better control over the changes made to the car as they can now do it virtually which means the costs has been reduced significantly as if they can do it virtually there is no need for them to spend money on the parts and the manual labour to complete this prototype car. New technologies will allow the companies who have invested in them to become more competitive if used appropriately. For new technologies to be of any benefit to the company a lot of consideration has to take place involving the cost effectiveness of these new products. If the business spends more time on making sure that this new venture is right for their company this may allow some advantages over...
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