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Topics: Boeing 787, Competition between Airbus and Boeing, Airbus A350 Pages: 4 (1076 words) Published: October 12, 2013
Examine the impact of globalisation on operations strategy. The business world is developing into a more internationally interactive and integrated establishment essentially forming a global economy, this is known as globalisation. This growing sensation has had a major impact on all businesses and companies worldwide and on their operations strategies. Globalisation impacts operation strategies such as performance objectives, new product development, supply chain management, outsourcing, technology innovation and advancements and management inventory; as businesses try to manage their operations strategies to effectively respond to globalisation. Boeing-

The American company of Boeing is a multinational aeroplane and defence corporation. Boeing is one of the largest manufacturers of aircrafts in the world has is the second largest aerospace and defence contractor globally. As a result Boeing is the largest exporter by value in the U.S., this success and the international competitiveness of the company is due to the advent of globalisation and Boeing’s global alliances. Globalisation has enabled Boeing to reconsider their operations strategies to correspond with the global economy of today. The production and development of the new product the ‘Boeing 787 Dreamliner’ is recognised as a state-of-the-art global production which had been produced and developed through the integration of globalisation to achieve competitive advantage over major competitors Airbus. Globalisation enabled Boeing to outsource the production of the Dreamliner on a global scale essentially forming a global supply chain with the use of global sourcing and value adding throughout production. Technology advancements enabled frequent and effective communication between Boeing and contracting companies throughout the outsourcing strategy. The production of the Dreamliner is outsourced globally as an incentive to produce a product with a high level of quality in design and conformance to...
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