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I am planning to start a man spa business in Singapore. Man Spa goal is the best spa to fully committed to care for men. As a complete service, man spa will offered treatment based such as face and body skin care, massage, aromatherapy, and hydrotherapy. This function is that to keep man's health,relax and reduce stress from man's daily life. The reason i going to plan for this business that man spa is more than just may be happier to see by paying such attention that it is to develop a needs from men by understanding and providing. This can be the opportunity that provide the best man spa in the whole country. Which is unique and distinctive. man spa will be focus on people's life style whom enjoy such service.

Our vision is to achieve customer‘s overall satisfaction and customer’s awareness and perception of man spa. Established a reliable destination for men can often reduce the pressures of life and restore their energy, soul and life in order to make its worth. we need to expand our reputation for our growing business.

Man Spa can offer the best spa services distinctively care for man needs.Our services are essential and basic services that involved skincare,massage, waxing,sauna, hydrotherapy and jacuzzi. Even we provide special package of consumer wants.Our spa services are specifically created with men in mind. So our services enable that men are geared towards skin care and body therapy. Such treatment could fulfill the needs and conditions of the body.

Target market
our target can be niche market for purely man. our target age of man are 20 to 70 years old. This segmentation can allow us to focus on our strategy and time. Man spa pay more attention to provide high level of service to their customers in order to obtain their satisfaction. Man spa business will be put customer in the first place. The company's goal is to provide high quality and distinguished service experience, make customer feel for their sincerity. Through this way customers are willing to come to our spa. The strategy we are using is WDM. This is the only path for attracting consumers buy my service.

Reach consumer
Man spa use promotional tool to reach consumer. In such way to promote their spa service and build good brand image and good relationship between customers and ourselves. Man spa use advertising and media to spread the news of the company, and released special offer, make more consumers to know and go our spa. the new advertise usual on Television, newspaper and magazine. We hope the advertise can bring more financail gains. Not only to increase the sales volumes but also through do advertise more and more customers know our service and this is the potential revenue.Advertise is the most useful strategy for company to broadcast their brand image and spirit as well as introduce our spa service to new customers. Nevertheless,Direct sales is other way to attract customer attention. We think if want to be successful in the long term period. our spa focus on quality, reliability, and dependability of service. The difference between our competitors, We will not only provide our own staff certified in their professions, but also given essential training for learning the dynamic individual energy system. It is connected to their customers and easier to meet client needs. Moreover, Man spa will differentiate itself as a fully worth place and releasing setting where reduce the stress of people's daily life and enjoy being serviced. It can create unique atmosphere for consumer to relaxing in spare time. We have a business system that aim to strengthening the trust of our customer base. This will build strong relationship with our consumer. It allow every consumer obtain a healthy lifestyle magazine and telecommunicate to our consumer how to live a health life by our staff.

Assessment of the strength and weakness
the spa market, there has fierce competition in the market, our man...
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