Business Strategy of Dhiraagu

Topics: Strategic management, Strategic planning, Customer service Pages: 5 (1188 words) Published: July 9, 2009
Products & Services of dhiraagu
Mobile Using state-of-the-art technologies we have built a high quality and a reliable network comparable to the best in the region to provide world class digital mobile phone service. Telephone Dhiraagu provides access to communications services in the Maldives with one of the most sophisticated networks in the south Asian region. At least 2 payphones have been installed in each inhabited island, providing telecommunication access to 100% of the population. Data Leased Lines are ideal for businesses, resorts, retail outlets, banks, government bodies and statutory institutions that operate multi-site businesses, and need efficient and easy communication with each other. Internet Services Dhiraagu Net is the leading Internet service in the Maldives, offering high-speed Internet access, comprehensive customer support and several value-added services. Customer Service Our overall objective is always to provide the best possible quality of service to our customers and we aim to give practical, timely, honest and accurate information in each customer transaction. How Dhiraagu sets its strategic objectives

The role of business strategy
Strategy provides an organization with a framework for
Understanding its place and position in each of its markets A way to move forward
Identifying and developing the resources and capabilities that are appropriate for the markets. The setting of strategic objectives in strategic planning process To be meaningful the objectives should have the four main characteristics below. Precise and measurable

Address important issues and to maintain focus an organization should operate with limited number of objectives. Challenging but realistic
Specify a time period which they ought to be achieved The objectives are also important because they govern the values of the organization. The direction it pursues
The capabilities it builds
The measure it uses to evaluate performance
The measures it uses to motivate staff
Dhiraagu approach to strategic planning
The classical/rational approach
Long term approach
Clear purpose and direction
Ongoing learning through review and control
Plans based on detailed analysis
Goal congruence
Time commitment
Cost ( peoples time, collecting information, using strategy consultants) Lack of flexibility (the organization is constrained by the plan ) Incremental and emergent approach

Avoids conflict with stakeholders who are unlikely to oppose small changes to plans Flexible to small environmental changes
Does not allow for major changes
By the time emergent strategies brought a product or service to the market they could find they had been preempted by more forceful competitors by advance planning. PEST analysis
Political stability
Economical stability
Socio Cultural
The customs and believes of the Maldivians are related with their religion Islam as 100 % of the population is Muslims and the gender roles and family relationships are very traditional. However due to industrialization and modernization the lifestyle and the attitudes towards family life and gender roles are changing gradually among the younger generation. Most of the Maldivians use mobile phones and internet in their daily life and they are willing to experience the new technologies coming to the market. Technology

Most of the Maldives prefer to use the latest technologies in their daily life and especially in the working environment to maximize the efficiency. As a result the latest modern technologies available are used in the telecommunication sector to provide quality and efficient services to their customer. There are only very few...
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