Business Strategy

Topics: Strategic management, Statements, Management Pages: 4 (801 words) Published: October 26, 2011
School of Business
BTEC HND in Management/Marketing/Information Technology

Front Sheet
SFU/QSF-ACD-006 Rev 001 dated 9/20/10

UNIT 7 – Business Strategy
Student number/ Student name: Activity Reference: 07-01 Group: th

Date due: 18 of October 2011

Assessor(s): Dr. Joel M. Balason

Date submitted:

Outcome / Skill

Evidence 1.1 Define the contexts of business strategy

Assessor’s decision 1


1.Analyse how the business environment is considered in strategy formulation

1.2 Explain the significance of stakeholder analysis 1.3 Conduct an environmental and organizational audit of a given organisation 1.4 Apply strategic positioning techniques to the analysis of a given organization. Group-developed research notes on criteria 1.1 and 1.2.




Working with and relating with others Merit grades awarded Distinction grades awarded

6 M1 D1 M2 D2 M3 D3

Assessor’s additional feedback and comments


I confirm that this is all my own work (student to sign and date)

INTERNAL VERIFICATION (Internal Verifier to sign and date)

SCENARIO: As a neophyte strategist in EXT-SOURCE ltd., a rising consultancy outsourcing company in the country tasked you to introduce the process of analyzing a business, the manager in-charge has instructed you to review and assist an ongoing study on the top 1000 corporations locally and abroad. Diligence in information acquisition and use of tools is highly necessary because the result of the study will serve as guide in defining their priority target companies to serve. So, upon hearing this, you decided to apply some learning methods you acquired in order to help achieve its mission and objectives.

TASKS: 1. Define the contexts of business strategy. (1.1) The importance of a written vision/mission statement for a company. If a student is able to provide an overview of findings using the following queries as guide. ( M1) 1.1. When did your organization first develop its vision...
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