Business Rules

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Written Assignment 1
Write a paper of 500 – 800 words in APA format about Business Rules. Among other things, define what they are, main sources for them, why they are important, and what you would do with them. Include a brief explanation of what your company does and some of its important Business Rules. Business Rules, as defined by our textbook are a description of policies, procedures or principles of an organization written in a simple and concise format. These rules are used to create the necessary structure for which the organization will operate within. They cover every aspect of the Business and define even the most menial tasks. Customer interaction, how employees are hired, how products are developed and how products are shipped are some examples of Business Rules. The Business rules once they are defined are then able to be converted into database entities, attributes, relationships and constraints. These items are then used in the database design for the company. From these entities and attributes relationships are created that correspond to the defined Business rules. Any rules that specifically name a person, place or thing will become attributes or entities in the database. Constraints are placed on the data to maintain the integrity and they are also derived from the Business rules. Examples of these are the days and times that the Business is open and how much an employee is allowed to make in a certain job function. My company, Maquet, is an international medical supply company started in 1853. They began by making operating tables and operating room lamps. Today they make a wide gamut of products from complete operating rooms systems, to balloon pumps and other life-saving equipment. One of our quips is that if you see our equipment, you are really in trouble or you’re a doctor or a nurse. Since we design and manufacture medical supplies, we are regulated by the FDA and are under constant scrutiny and monitoring. Because of this constant...
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