Business Role Play

Topics: Employment, Human resource management Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Dayan: Good morning! I’m Dayan Pérez, I’m here for the job. HR Manager (Denisse): Good morning! Welcome to ASDF. I’m the HR Manager, glad to meet you. Dayan: Thank’s, I’m glad to meet you too.
HRM: Please come in! I would like to tell you that here in the company, we always try to have a very good relationship with our employees, we try to know your interests and that you know very well the company goals to make that everyone go for the same way. Day: Excellent, I think that if everybody has the same goals, the company would be more efficient and it can avoid conflicts. Den: Yes, that’s exactly what we try to do, for this reason now we are going to make a route. First we are going to see the manager and she is going to explain you some general aspects of the bank and then we are going to go to your workplace. Day: Ok perfect.

Den: Hey are you busy?
Stef: No no come in.
Den: She is the new cashier, her name is Dayan Pérez.
Stef: Hi nice to meet you. My name is Stephanie Jara, I´m a manager. I am going to talk about our corporate culture. For example we have a mission, vision and goals. These aspects are very important because they allow us to know where we are going. Day: Yes, I agree. Can you tell me more about your mission and vision please? Stef: Of course. Our mission is to offer financial services characterized by high quality of the service and fast response to the various needs from our customers. And our vision is to be a solid, innovative and prestigious institution and offer human and professional development opportunities to our collaborators. In general, we are very interesting to hire employees who want to work in team. Actually, right now I am going to call a cashier supervisor, wait a second. Eliuth: Hello, service platform.

Stef: Hello, Eliuth?
Eliuth: Yes, How can I help you?
Stef: Thanks, this is Stephanie. Today a new employee is visiting the company, and as you know we always do an induction processes. Can you meet them in this...
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