Business Research Methods Case Assig. 1

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Case Assignment 1
Liberty Student
September 4, 2014

Case Assignment 1
The background story for case assignment one starts with Penton Media and the reduction in use of publication reader service cards. Penton Media recognized that participation from its subscribers to its magazines was fading away. The years in question that saw the reduction were 1992 through 1997. As part of this assignment, two questions will be addressed: the first question is concerned with establishing the management dilemma and constructing a management-research question hierarchy and the second will revolve around the ethical issues that Penton Media could or did create by the surveys conducted. The following information will answer these questions by explaining the multiple steps needed for the hierarchy with an explanation of the ethics, if any, that were breached.

The management-research question hierarchy for this scenario will follow this guideline of questions. The first is establishing the management question. Second will be the researcher’s questions that will need to be straightforward as to achieve a factual survey of the respondents. Next, the responses will need to be investigated for how specific and detailed the researcher compiled the information. The fourth and final question is the quality of the measurement. This area of concern is used to qualify the results as to the depth the researcher went to answer the initial question.

The first question in establishing the hierarchy is concerned with the dilemma that Penton Media has found itself. From the case study, Penton Media started to notice a decline in the use of the reader service cards that were in their publications. The company used these cards as a reflection of the type of advertisers that were being benefitted from Penton Medias publication. With the reduction in reader card use the dilemma that Penton Media recognized was: What is the long term viability of a reader...

References: Cooper, D. R., & Schindler, P. S. (2014). Business research methods (12th ed.). pg. 28. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill
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