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Automotive industry in the U.K
How has the car industry in the UK changed over time?
One of the key changes in the UK's car industry is the change in the balance of imported and exported goods. For example in the period of the 1970's much of Britain's car components, and indeed the whole car, were almost entirely British. Now however this is not so much the case, with a high percentage of the cars components now being imported from abroad, despite the car being assembled and labelled as British and made in Britain.

How important is foreign ownership to the car industry?
It is essential to the progression of the growth of the car industry in the UK, introducing improved management techniques, a higher level of efficiency and the sharing of global best practice. Foreign ownership also gives the possibility of new sources of essential funds and finance for companies that simply are not available within the UK.

How important is the UK car industry to the UK?
It is very important in terms of the revenue that it brings into the U.K, when considering the GDP. The U.K car industry actually brings in approximately £10 billion a year, and employs around 130,000 people. Not only this, but it is essential for our reputation as manufacturers abroad, with 80% of our production expected to be exported by 2017.

Does the ‘Made in Britain’ label make a difference to the profitability of UK businesses? Not necessarily, it depends on variables such as price and quality. If these factors are all in place, the made in Britain logo may simply be the determining factor.

What has happened to the scale of manufacturing in the UK? Consider the importance of niche manufacturing as opposed to mass manufacturing in the UK. The scale of manufacturing in the UK has decreased a huge amount, with far less focus on mass manufacturing and much more focus on small scale. This is due to a change that has lead to workers in the U.K now becoming far more skilled than those found...
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