Business Research Applications Paper

Topics: Research, Scientific method, Science Pages: 4 (1152 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Research is one of the most essential aspects that influence decision makers of many companies. These decisions are based on facts. These facts are verifiable and can be replicated. Good research follows these standards of the scientific method. The characteristics of the scientific method of research are: “1) Purpose clearly defined 2) Research process detailed 3) Research design thoroughly planned 4) High ethical standards applied 5) Limitations frankly revealed 6) Adequate analysis for decision maker’s needs 7) Findings presented unambiguously 8) Conclusions justified 9) Researcher’s experience reflected. Good business research has an inherent value only to the extent that it helps management make better decisions that help achieve organizational goals” (Cooper & Schindler, 2006, p 22-24). The scientific method is the method for which Analytic Services Incorporated, derived its mission statement, as a public service institute we dedicate our talent and focus our innovation toward shaping the Nation’s future. Analytic Services Incorporated is a not-for-profit public service institute that provides objective studies and analyses to aid decision-makers throughout the national security, homeland security, and public safety communities. One of the key values at Analytic Services Incorporated is to safeguard objectivity—as trusted agents “we” live by the highest ethical standards. Analytic Services Incorporated uses a number of research methods, I will argue a couple of these methods that include, research for the government customer and research used for employee satisfaction. Government decision-makers must ensure their policies, strategies, programs, or other initiatives are realizing their desired effect. They need clear visibility into the progress of their efforts. Leadership must recognize each activity’s strengths and weaknesses and recognize emerging opportunities so they can apply resources most efficiently and re-shape the efforts...

References: Donald R. Cooper & Pamela S. Schindler, (2006). Business Research Methods (9th ed.). :
McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
Platine, Dr. Donald, Week 1 Key Points, posted 6/20/2011 Retrieved from
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