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Chapter 1

1. Introduction
1.1 Background
A very few days ago one of our group member needed to shift her house which is in Cantonment area, as the place where she lived could not give her family much comfort anymore. Therefore, she looked around and got a place of 1300sft. She along with her brother went to talk to the apartment owner to talk about the rent and to her utter surprise he asked for Tk. 42,000 (Forty Two Thousands Taka Only) as rent per month excluding the utilities with 3 months advance. She was really surprised as even in 2011 the rents of such apartments were around Tk. 22,000 (Twenty Two Thousands Taka Only). Instantly questions rose in her mind that as a middle income family how would they afford to stay in a place like this though it was not such aristocratic area as Gulshan and Banani. More so, she could not give a further thought on what the rate of house rent hike can be all over the city. 1.2 Statement of the problem

We did this pilot research on the specifics and reasons to have a closer look on the victims of this rent tramp and thus effects of the problem to multiple user ends relating to their income. It thus has retrieved some focus on one of the burning issues of this running metro city to assist the society as from the victims’ perspective. 1.3 Origin of the study

This report has been prepared as a requirement of the Business Research. The report was based upon the trend of House Rent in Dhaka City and the Effects. The lecturer is Liana Anwar of school of business, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology. Honorable lecturer duly approved the topic –“ An Insight of the Woes of Tenants: The Ascending Trend of House Rent in Dhaka City and the Effects”, which was decided for doing report. The report will definitely increase the knowledge of other students to know the trend of House Rent in Dhaka City and the Effects. 1.4 Scope of the Research

To do this research, we have taken significant consideration of the fact that there is not that much work done on this issue especially in Bangladesh. Therefore, here we have tried to cover the aspects of increasing house rent depending on different clusters of city dwellers. We have also considered the impact that this house rent hike is having on the tenants. There is no exact one criteria of consideration as variables to measure the impacts and the reasons but it did have a certain clues to concise the prediction of general people. 1.5 Significance of the research:

The significance of this study relies in its information that we have gathered regarding the house rent hike issues. People or we may say city dwellers are continuously paying the house rent, whatever the owners are demanding. Most of the time they were forced to leave the house once they denied to pay the increased amount. This house rent issue is one of those kinds which happen regularly in front of us but we do not pay attention to solve them; it has mostly become a part of our habituate.

More so, this study is also done to find out whether there is actually any fickle to alter the situation; in the side of the tenants.

It may not have any impact on living situation of the tenants directly but with time; it is expected to raise a bit consciousness among them in future. 1.6 Objective
Thus, the objectives of this research were as follows:
Assessing the justification of present trend – House Owner and the Tenants in relating to income of tenants. Assessing the cause of the house rent hike on the basis of tenants and house owners. Assessing the effects of the hike trend on end users and the overall society. 1.7 Limitations of the Study

While doing this research as a pilot study, we have faced the following difficulties like: The political situation of Bangladesh was a bit instable while conducting the survey. Therefore, it constrained the normal movement while doing the survey. While doing the survey,...
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