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Topics: Apple Inc., IPhone, Apple Store Pages: 4 (1050 words) Published: January 20, 2013
GAC013 Assessment Event 2: Project- Written Report

Recommending a Marketing Mix for a Product or Service

Student’s Name: Aaron Chen
Student ID#: WSMS21534
Teacher: Claude
Due Date: 19 July 2012
Word Count: 676
1.0 Introduction:
This report introduces the comparisons of 3 products, which are Nexus 7, Surface and the new ipad.1.2 I think the new ipad has the best marketing among these three pads. The ipad is used in entertainment, study, work, contact and etc. There are greater than 300 000 applications in the apple store provided for downloading. The new ipad is designed for all the people regardless of age, gender or occupation because of the popular and easy-to-understand operation system; people are attracted by its retina screen and superior experience. The new ipad is satisfied by 98% owners and it dominates the market. The new ipad is shipped with IOS 5.1, which provides audio-visual media and built-in siri. In hardware, it has Apple A5X processer, retina screen 1080P high quality camera, 4G (LTE) and ( LiPo) battery. As the third-generation of ipad, it attracted people’s attention successfully. However, some weaknesses still exist. It is heavier than ipad2 and emits more heat. Drawback of its high-capacity battery is more time should be spent on charging. The price, promotion, place of brand and capability of 3 different pads were compared. Overall, the price and capability have the main effect on choice of marketing mix.

2.0 Methods:
The data is collected on the Internet. Official websites usually have the most reliable and comprehensive information about the products themselves. So, the software and hardware data were collected on the official websites. The evaluation information was collected on some reliable technology weblog about consumer electronics, such as ‘Gizmodo’. This kind of websites have already organized or collected the evaluation of products. They did the research or...
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