Business Proposal E-Digitalization Recommendations

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Business Proposal E-Digitalization Recommendations
Traci Stevenson
October 21, 2013

Business Proposal E-Digitalization Recommendations
Will Bury is enterprising inventor that desires the need to work on the way individuals access books, audio and other materials offered presently in print with the digitalizer, his proprietary e-digitalization technology. His technical skills outpaces his business acumen and battling basic business choices regard to technological applications, product delivery, supply and demand curves, pricing strategies, and digital production technique. Bury technical skills outpaces his business acumen and is battling basic business selections concerning technological applications, offer & demand curves, product delivery, evaluation strategy, and additionally the digital production technique. To enhance his business acumen, Bury initial conducted analysis on- line on product substitutes, digital & audio book shopper characteristics, and industry-driving selections. Second, he applied personal experiences to the knowledge acquired with the analysis. Third, he wanted pricing strategy recommendation from a friend with on-line business experience, explicit in artwork sales (University of Phoenix, 2011). The business proposal for Bury proprietary e-digitalization technology will be addressing the market structure, revenue generation, profit maximization, and economic conditions, four basic business elements that are essential to the digitalizer’s success. Market structure

In order to produce concepts on a way to generate and increase revenue, one should have and understanding of the market as a whole additionally to the individual market consumers. The e-digitalization market encompasses a myriad of companies throughout a monopolistically competitive structure concentrate on developing code for audio & document imaging and services, e-digital product, and retail. code development companies (like Adobe) manufacture the e-digitalization technology necessary that permits document imaging & services companies (like Pearson) to convert writing to e- digital material for purchasers to explore from tablets and e-digital merchandise (like the Kindle and the iPad) and to search from retail companies (like Amazon and Apple). The internet has revolutionized how firms conduct business these days. Within the e- digitalization business, the internet has provided companies and entrepreneurs like Will Bury with an avenue to form, develop, and promote e-digital material and compete for as much market share as possible. The establishment of proprietary technology is crucial for long-run success within the businesses. Corporations and entrepreneurs with expertise in computers can facilitate them establish the proprietary technology to form barriers to entry within the e-digitalization market. The exaggerated usage of computers in today’s society for business, academic, and private functions likewise because the growth of mobile device platforms has generated consumer demand for e-digitalization content. Consumers crave access, flexibility, portability, selection, and space for his or her e-digital content. What are the characteristics of those customers exactly? The digital listening audience is similar to the audience who download music to digital devices. Understanding the e-digitalization market structure as well as the consumer characteristics can help generate concepts for Bury to form additional with his digitalizer proprietary technology.

Revenue Generation
My revenue generation ideas are consumer focused. In order to generate more revenue from older books with lapsed copyrights as well as newer books. I propose that Bury provides a wider selection of e-books with enhancement, portability, and purchasing options that will satisfy consumer cravings. The basis for this revenue was influenced by an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education that centered on seven...
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