Business Proposal for Textile Firm in Bangladesh

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Business proposal for Textile firm in Bangladesh

Name Of The Project:MANS Textiles

Nature Of The Project:100% Export Oriented


Type Of The Organization:Private Limited Company

Line Of Production:Spun Yarn of different counts (100% exportable) Project Capacity:28, 97, 415 Lbs.

Capital Outlay:Proposed project involves a total capital out-lay of Tk. 160.407 million

Means Of Finance:Sponsor's equity= 100 %


This organization is brightly enlightened in it's own mission which is a vital part of an organization. The most common ones are-

•To maximize the customer satisfaction through optimum profitable fashion. •To reduce poverty
•Create new job opportunity
•To reduce the unemployment of the nation

This organization is similarly enlightened in it's own aim which is also vital element of an organization-

•To generate large employment
•Earn dignity at self respect for our country through realistic and ethical based business. •To better off the stakeholders who are in any how interlinked with the organization.
The project proposal envisages setting up of a Textile Spinning Mills with high speed spindles to produce supper quality cotton yarn of various counts for export-oriented weaving and knitting industries. The products of the proposed project will be 100% exportable and as such the project is 100% export oriented. The Government has declared textile sector as a thrust sector because this sector is the largest manufacturing sector contributing about 5% to GDP, nearly 50% of employment comes from it, accounts 40% of value addition and contributes 70% towards total export of the country.

The objective of the project is to provide backward linkage to weaving mills and knitting industries to produce fine quality fabrics for readymade garments & (RMGI) and knitting industries who are dependent on imports for quality fabrics and yarns. There exists a vast gap between supply and demand.

Product Mix
As stated, objective of the project is to supply the quality yarn to weaving and knitting industries engaged in export, therefore product mix is selected on the current demand of export-oriented industries and may be changed as per their requirements. Product- mix shown hereunder is based on 3 shifts of 8 hours each per day and 335 working days a year. (a) Carded Cotton Yarn 30s- 100s

Land & Location
The proposed project will be located on a lease hold land measuring 4.93 acres, factory building & other civil constructions thereon in Gazipur about 60Km. away from Capital City of Dhaka, where all infrastructures required for the project are available, such as water, power, gas, transport, communication and labors. A good number of textile mills and other industries are located in and around the project site.

Building and Construction:
Project will require Factory building, power house, office, raw and finished goods godown, workshop, administrative office, workers quarters etc. The project will be established on rental building covering an area 1, 20,000 sft. The main Factory building, godowns, powerhouse will be constructed with prefabricated steel and office and worker's quarters etc, by R.C.C. by the lessor i.e. XYZ Cotton Mills Ltd, leased-out to MANS Textile Mills Ltd. on rental basis for . TK 1, 10,000 per month.

Machinery and Equipment:
Project machinery and equipment will be obtained from internationally reputed manufacturers of China, USA & Germany, Japan & Switzerland. Erection and installation will be done by our own technicians and also by the local agent of the suppliers, where necessary, and will provide technical support for the purpose. Further, they will be responsible to train local technicians for operation, maintenance d smooth running of the project.

•Water: Project will require 40,000.00 liters of water for its operation and Human...
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