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II.Summary Of The Project Study

A.Executive Summary

Buko Express is the original buko cart concepts started in 2005 by an enterprising couple.  It guarantees quality of a 100% natural juice.  Buko Express discovered a system that extracts buko juice in a systematic way wherein the buko is extracted and chilled in a hygienic manner keeping its freshness and natural elements. Buko Express solve the problem of answering to the demand of Buko Juice in a hygienically and modern way, which consist in chilling the juice soon after it was extracted without needing to add ice or cold water.  Pioneering is the right word for this system which consists in extracting, chilling the buko juices without needing to add ice or cold water.  Buko Express has a freshly blended Buko Shake, a new choice to those People who have a healthy life offering 100% pure and natural buko meat.To date, Buko Express has company owned and franchised outlets around Metro Manila nearby provinces. B.Objectives

* To properly maintain the cleanliness, practicality and handiness of all instrumentation and facilities getting used within the operation and production of buko shake; * To ensure the best attainable quality level of all the natural ingredients getting used within the production of buko shake; * To guarantee the consistent and distinct taste, freshness and wholesome contents of the buko shake being sold; * To provide inexpensive buko shake whick will work the common customer`s budget; created reasonable even to low income earners and to students; * To contribute to the event of the society and hmanity by providing employment and sensible services; C.Mission

To provide cheap, delicious, contemporary and fresh buko shake, that is the final reason of big talk Mac Buko`s existence. To encurage hard working Filipinos to have their own business.


To be the best buko shake to our clients in the Food Cart Franchise Business Industry in the Philippines.

Confidentiality Agreement
The undersigned reader acknowledges that the information provided by ___________________ in this business plan is confidential; therefore, reader agrees not to disclose it without the express written permission of_____________________________.

It is acknowledged by reader that information to be furnished in this business plan is in all respects confidential in nature, other than information which is in the public domain through other means and that any disclosure or use of same by reader, may cause serious harm or damage to _____________________________. Upon request, this document is to be immediately returned to ________________________________.

Name(typed or printed)
This is a business plan. It does not imply an offering of securities.


Mac Buko Shake is a Franchise business, which the owners, or franchisers, sell the rights to their business logo and model to third parties, calledfranchisees. Franchises are an extremely common way of doing business. In fact, it's difficult to drive more than a few blocks in most cities without seeing a franchise business. 

B. Organizational Chart

Mark Alvin M. Hincayog


Owner: Mark Alvin M. Hincayog

Job Descriptions:
* planning and organizing
* evaluating and decision-making
* financial budgeting and contro
* producing things
* maintaining/repairing things
* Cashier
* Book Keeping


-Must have attended special training on business administration, accounting. -Must have a working experience.

Feb| Mar| Apr|
| | |

* Planning what business will be build,
* Looking for location
* Calculating total cost for overall payments
* Looking for supplier
* Buying equipment needed
* Getting Permits
* Putting...
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