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Respected Sir,
I am writing this proposal to ask for your support.  My aim is to get quality education. In that regard I am a student of Business Administration and studying in Superior University. Superior is an institute with a motivational vision, and draws on patterns and principles that lay the foundation of strong career. At the moment I am in 3rd semester of my degree and I am studying a course name leadership and community development. To complete this course, I have to prepare a final project to become one of many critical thinkers in the field of business. My project is to develop a community by assessing their problems and than after identifying the core problem and some sub problems we have to solve them. In this regard I need your support which will be very helpful for me.

This project’s title is community development and the work which we have to do is that firstly identifying the area and than identify their problems and than solve that problem(s). So this is a real time actual work which is to be practiced. So the area which we have chosen is Youhanabad which is almost 10 KM from Kalma Chowk. It’s a slum area and is of mixed religion which means that Muslims and Christians both live there but Christians are in majority. More importantly we are working for the betterment of the special children. We want to eradicate misery from the lives of special children which is also our vision and as they are also an important asset of the society. Special children include the children who are mentally retarded, physical problems or mental disorders. No one really works for them when we talk about community development but we have taken a step forward with hoping that people like you’ll support us. By supporting and helping us you would be able to full fill your corporate social responsibility as well which is commonly known as CSR. As a supporter, we’ll need your help. We’ll need some amount for the development of...
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